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Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

I remember Imeson airport when you picked up your luggage in a little covered outside bin.

In 1967 I used to fly a little Cessna out of Imeson and up to the deserted snd bankrupt Amelia Island airport and not encounter another airplane.

I remember dressing up to fly to college and it was such fun because at a certain time of year it was only college kids on the plane.

Going overseas, if not by ship, was by TWA, and I had such fun when TWA took to London a whole planeload of UGA students. PARTY!!!!

Thanks for bringing back the memories with your blog.

-Dr. Betsy Mixson, Clayton GA

Don't Go Near the Water


My sentiments precisely on sharks and being on the beach!  The last time I was actually “on” the beach was several years ago trying to find daughter Katharine who was out in that grit with friends.  When she saw me walking her way, she jumped up and hollered “Look ya’ll, my dad is on the beach!”  Still love being on the water in a sizable boat, but if I fell overboard out of swim to shore distance, I wouldn’t drown, just die of fright having seen and hooked the scary creatures I’ve pulled out of the depths over the years.  Great read!  Keep up the good work!

- Ralph Moore, Raleigh NC