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Let's get serious about not taking our Golden Years so seriously.

It doesn't have to be that way.


Growing older isn’t much fun is it? Last week we were in high school wondering who your prom date’s going to be. Today you’re in assisted living wondering who you’re going to sit with at dinner tonight.

As we navigate the troubled waters of turning 70-something, I’ve noticed that many of us who’re entering this third act of our lives get far too serious about it. And, it’s hard not to. Seems like everything hurts. We get sick. We fall down and break things. People don’t look at us anymore. We back into other cars in the parking lot. Friends become ill and die.

In short, the generation we used to giggle about in the shopping mall now belongs to us and we to it. If we let them, these circumstances can beat us up and beat us down. Many of us just give up, feel sorry for themselves, and shuffle quietly into the night.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

For many of us, these can and should be the best years of our lives. As long as we have most of our faculties and move about without much help, we have the experience, knowledge and freedom to do and become just about anything we like. Writer. Artist. Teacher. Volunteer. Pundit.

With seven or more decades of life behind us, we’re each a walking storehouse of knowledge and talent. Sadness and self-pity can rob us of the fruits of this gift.

You’ll notice that I said “become” earlier. And it is about becoming someone special in these later years.

In this blog, my aim is to illuminate and nurture some of these feelings, energize some of these talents and, from time to time, just rant and rave about this time in our lives. It is my hope that as you read some of this stuff, you’ll be moved to join the conversation. Add ideas of your own. Suggestions and submissions are welcomed.

My only rules are to avoid profanity and truly nutty ideas. You’ll have to be the judge of what falls into these categories.

Beyond that, the stage is all ours. And mine, of course.

Mike Hoyt

Thoughts about Growing Older. And Wiser.

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